Electronic Shelf Labels

Bringing retail to life

Retail chain stores nowadays can put more resources on sales and marketing is that they have equipped with ESLs and integrated the smart labels and IoT technology with their own systems.

It is in seconds, all the labels are updated with the latest data from head office with no failure; in weeks, all the stores have saved a lot of working time and cost; in months, all the extra margins are secured by the whole new solution and higher customer satisfaction from shelves.

The Hussmann ESL and vusion rails bridge the gaps of challenges for in-store management and are the milestone for New Retail and other areas such as pharmacy.

ESL starts a happy journey for customers who want to be more engaged in the shopping environment and benefited from deeper interactions with stores.

Hussmann Australia and SES-imagotag signed a distribution agreement to launch an IOT platform for retailers in Australia. The partnership focuses on enabling Australian food retailers to create ultra-efficient, data-driven connected stores, and further shopper engagement to better meet modern consumer expectations.

Physical retailers, under pressure from rising costs and shifting consumer behavior, need to reinvent the in-store experience to improve operational agility and shopper engagement. Today’s shopper expects a seamless shopping experience across e-commerce and physical stores. As such, a digital platform that supports data-driven operational agility and omnichannel shopping experiences, such as dynamic pricing and click-and-collect, is now a top priority for retailers.

Individually, Hussmann Australia and SES-imagotag already have significant traction on the physical retail market. Hussmann Australia is a trusted premier provider of industrial refrigeration and cold-chain solutions to Australian food retailers. SES-imagotag is the global leader of in-store digital IoT platforms including digital shelf labels, wireless in-store infrastructure, and cloud-based software solutions. Both companies endeavor to accelerate the transition to an omnichannel, data-driven store of tomorrow for Australian food retailers.