Local Manufacturing

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One of our great strengths are our ability and willingness to work with our clients to develop custom systems that respond to and provide solutions for specific needs, with advanced design, performance and styling. We start by listening to your needs – and the desires of your shoppers – to develop a fresh retail experience that will generate more sales in your store. The process then involves comprehensive Cross Section Drawings and careful consider for end users. Working with you every step of the way, a 3D image is then created and once confirmed, a prototype is built and tested to ensure it meets our high-quality industry standards. Once testing is complete the finished product is packaged up and installed for operation.

Our Tauranga R&D centre is a central hub for design, development, manufacturing and testing, specialising in innovative hot and cold merchandising solutions, for the Oceania region. Our Tauranga facility is 3,400m2 and provides full design and rapid prototype development within the onsite test laboratory before transferring to our high-volume Suzhou manufacturing facility for mass production.

The Tauranga facility has a range of capabilities such as the ability to produce sheet-metal, injection foaming, powder coating, electrical requirements, refrigeration needs as well as carpentry works, product assembly, storage and procurement.

We stand by every cabinet we manufacture, with professional service, parts and maintenance programs to ensure your total satisfaction and support.

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