Veiw VS Series – Modular Island (Glass or Covered Sides)

Model Name: VIEW-VS-MOD

This high-visibility merchandiser maintains a low total energy consumption while utilising an environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant.
A flexible temperature cabinet allows for simple switching between Freezer and Chiller, giving you superior customisation without compromising product visibility.
The plug-and-play installation and modular configuration provides simplicity and adaptability so you can change your layout without changing your hardware.
Also Available, the View Plus, an optional dual-temperature, vertical add-on to the View VS Series, allowing for space-efficient multi-zone merchandising.

W2100 H1065 D1140
W2100 H1065 D1140


Unit Type

Dual Temperature


Available Lengths mm (1700, 2200, 2500, 1940 Crown)


3M1 (-1˚C to +5˚C) 3L1 (-18˚C to -15˚C)