People Counter IoT Sensor

People Counter IoT Sensor

Customer Metrics

Insights of High Flow Areas
Plannogram Success Measure

The CaseConnect® IoT People Counter monitors the measurement of customer traffic flow.


Customer Metrics

Insights of high traffic areas
Assists in-store marketing to better plan and increase sales
Indications of dwell time and traffic lead to real-time planogram feedback
Future engagement can be enhanced by integrating Hussmann Digital Labels and Video rails

How Does it Work?

Customer Metrics

This IoT is used to monitor customer traffics and case usage trends. This works by using Lidar sensors that Counts the number of people passing by or stopping by the case

Our Sensor Range

1. Doors IoT

Saving you Energy & Costs

  • Door Open Alarm
  • Plannogram Success Measure

2. Night Blind IoT

Saving you 14% of Energy Costs

  • NB Open Alarm
  • Fan Motor Energy Reductions

3. Blocked Air IoT

Increases Case Efficiency

  • Return Air Block Alarm
  • Optimise Performance

4. Blocked Drain IoT

Avoids Asset Downtime

  • Automatic Drain Blockage Detection
  • Avoids poor Hygiene & Customer Impact

5. Motor Service IoT

Focused Maintenance & Running

  • Maximise Equipment Uptime
  • Avoid Unsafe Product Temp

6. Demand Defrost IoT

Energy Savings and No Adjustments for Seasonality/Demand

  • Avoids unnecessary defrosts
  • Automatic Ice Detection

7. Product Temperature IoT

Saving you Energy & Costs

  • Monitor Case Temp in Real Time
  • Prevent Product Wastage

8. People Counter IoT

Customer Metrics

  • Insights of High Flow Areas
  • Plannogram Success Measure